This page should present the company to the visitor in an interesting way, perhaps through a combination of a cool graphic and text.  The idea behind this page is that the website is our business card on steroids and so we need to present the company to certain visitors (such as companies like SNI) who want to know who we are before they do business with us.  Some sample words are given here….

First, thanks for clicking to find out who we, Twist on Games, are as a games development and marketing company!

Twist on Games, LLC was founded in 2010 and is based out of Atlanta, GA. The company was initially formed around a specific idea that took a most challenging puzzle that nearly everyone has either held but few have solved, a Rubik’s cube, and made it the center of a series of fun games that everyone can play and truly have fun with. With over a year of R&D in the form of game design and many game nights with many different groups, we discovered that there is much more to developing a game that not only works but allows players of varying ages, interests, and skill or knowledge level to sit down and really have a great time playing. Out of this journey, three products that have evolved that each of something special to offer you and your friends. We hope you like what we have come up with and really would love your feedback…

Thanks !